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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE)pipe

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene(UHMWPE)pipe


  • High wear resistance: UHMWPE plastic pipe has a high ability of anti-sliding friction and the wear resistance is over 6 times than that of carbon steel with the same medium.

  • Corrosion resistance: based on the saturated molecular structure, UHMWPE has high chemical stability with the corrosion resistance of various corrosive media (acids, bases, salts) and organic solvents in a certain range of temperature and concentration.

  • High impact resistance: the impact resistance and impact absorbability of UHMWP Pipe rank first in plastic and it is hard to be cracked by either external strong impact or internal pressure fluctuations. The impact strength is 66 to 10 times of that of nylon and 4 times of PE100 polyethylene.

  • Superior tensile strength and pressure capacity: the tensile strength of UHMWPE pipe is 2 times of PE100, the environmental stress cracking resistance ability is 1 times of PE100. Therefore, the pressure capacity and resistance to environmental damage of UHMWPE pipe is far more than that of the general polyethylene pipe.

  • Weathering and aging resistance: UHMWPE pipe has good weather and aging resistance. Even used for 50 years or so the pipes can still maintain more than 70% of the mechanical properties because there are few unsaturated groups in UHMWPE molecular chains and the molecular weight is high.

  • Excellent energy saving: UHMWPE pipe is self-lubricating and non-adhesive with small frictional coefficient. The inner pipe wall produced with special technology is of corrosion, abrasion and scaling resistance, so the flow resistance is small.

  • Lightweight, easy connection and easy installation: per unit length of UHMWPE pip weighs only 1 / 8 of the same length of steel pipe, which gives advantage to loading and unloading, transportation, installation and use. Connection uses flange connection or hot melt welding.

  • Economy: the price of UHMWPE pipe is lower than that of traditional steel. Combined with low coefficient of friction, high flow capacity, high impact strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance and many other factors its cost is far more than that of other plastic pipes and tubes. 

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